We tell you when are the best moments to send money abroad

Who is Neomy?

Neomy is your personal assistant that alerts you when are the best moments to transfer your money, depending on the market’s daily exchange rates.
The idea rose in our heads, a couple of French expats working around the world, who were trying to send money as cheap as possible. Then, we shared our idea with our closest, enthusiastic friends. After proving it is successful and useful, we have made Neomy accessible for everyone. She now sends exchange rate notifications and exchange rate alerts to every users, for free.

How Neomy works

How does it work ?

Neomy checks in real-time ALL the exchange rates you are interested in, identifies significant changes, and sends you an alert when there are good opportunities to complete a transfer.
We have developed an algorithm dedicated to exchange rate patterns. It allows us to spot significant variations for each money corridor, and identify when it is the best time to transfer money.

It is that simple and reliable!

Say hi to your new money transfer assistant

Neomy - Best Exchange Rates

Hey, I'm Neomy, nice to meet you !
I'll help you to transfer money at the best rate.
One last thing they didn't tell you about me : I'm 100% personalized with your needs, aiming to meet your expectations. Take a look and see what I can do for you today.